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How Can I Make Myself More Kissable for Valentine’s Day?

January 24, 2022

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Couple kissing for valentine’s day

There are all sorts of fun date ideas you can consider before settling on one. Whether you are planning on a romantic dinner at your special someone’s favorite restaurant or you just want to get cozy on the couch while watching their favorite rom-com, you’re in for a night to remember. However, when it comes to the kiss at the end of your date, you want to be prepared. Continue reading for some oral health tips from your dentist in Jacksonville so that it can be as magical as you imagined.

Maintain Great Oral Hygiene

If you didn’t already know, bacteria are ultimately the cause of the development of cavities. When you are kissing someone else, there is no denying there will be a transmission of germs between the two of you. It is best to limit this as much as you can. Remember to brush your teeth twice and floss at least once every single day. Cleaner kisses are better kisses.

Prevent Bad Breath

In addition to causing cavities, bacteria are also responsible for bad breath. Your date won’t be nearly as romantic if your mouth isn’t fresh. By brushing and flossing, as well as using mouthwash and chewing sugarless gum, you can keep your breath smelling a little sweeter.

Don’t Share Toothbrushes

Even though you and your significant other are very close, sharing a toothbrush isn’t a great idea. Be sure that you always have your own toothbrush so that you can limit the number of germs you are transmitting between each other.

Don’t Smoke

Tobacco products are terrible for your overall health, but did you know that they also hurt your smile? Smoking doubles your risk of developing periodontal disease and is linked to oral cancer. On top of that, it causes bad breath and can leave a bad taste in your date’s mouth after you kiss.

Visit Your Dentist to Boost Your Oral Health

Going to the dentist may not be the most exciting activity in the world, but it is an essential step when it comes to maintaining excellent oral health through regular cleanings and checkups. This way, you can stay on the path towards a healthy smile going forward.

Think of your oral health this Valentine’s Day. By following these tips from your Jacksonville dentist, you can set yourself up for a successful date.

About the Practice

At North Jacksonville Complete Dentistry, we pride ourselves on delivering a broad range of treatment options for our patients. Rather than refer patients all around town, we use our modern, high-tech dental approach to treat almost all cases in-house. We’ll help maximize your dental insurance benefits or CareCredit can be a payment option for you. We certainly hope you have a great Valentine’s Day with that special someone in your life. We can help with the part about visiting your dentist via a cleaning and exam, which you can schedule on our website or by calling (904) 751-4958.

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