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Managing Gum Disease in Jacksonville Is Crucial!

December 23, 2017

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It’s a common misconception that gum disease in Jacksonville isn’t a big deal. After all, just how important can the pink tissue that holds your teeth in place be? Don’t let yourself be fooled by naysayers who believe that addressing gum issues isn’t a priority. You can face some big-time consequences if you fail to take the necessary steps to get your oral health back up to par. Your dentist is here to explain exactly why managing gum disease is crucial and how you can stop this problem before you end up in a world of hurt.

The Consequences of Unmanaged Gum Disease

Gum disease begins as gingivitis, which is an inflammation of the gums. When the condition is in this early stage, you might not even know there is a problem, or you might notice that your gums are a little tender or swollen. Don’t ignore these seemingly minor symptoms! If you neglect to address the issue, the gingivitis may eventually advance to periodontitis, which can cause:

  • Tooth loss. Gum disease triggers an immune response that can wear away at your jaw, destroying the support system for your teeth.
  • Chronic bad breath. The bacteria involved in gum disease can cause odors.
  • Systemic health problems. Bacteria may sneak from your mouth into your blood, where it can contribute to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, dementia, preterm birth, and more.

How to Manage Gingivitis

The key to managing gum disease is professional dental care. By being diligent about keeping your biannual appointments, you put your dentist in Jacksonville in a position to spot signs of gum trouble even before you might be aware that something is amiss. The sooner you know about the issue, the less likely you are to face complications from it later on.

Reversing gingivitis might be as simple as getting a deep cleaning at your dentist’s office. During the procedure, the dentist will thoroughly clean your teeth and may smooth out their roots so bacteria can’t cling to them. Your dentist will also coach you on how to improve your oral hygiene habits in order to fight your gum disease.

If your condition turns around quickly, don’t let your guard down. It’s important to continue to visit your dentist regularly so if the gum disease creeps up again, you can stop it in its tracks.

How to Manage Advanced Gum Disease

Advanced gum disease often requires more than a deep cleaning. It is possible that you’ll need oral surgery to clean out the bacteria that is causing the problem and help your gums function well again. Your dentist will talk about this with you and perhaps refer you to a specialist who can help you get back on the road to a healthy smile.

Gum disease destroys oral health! If you think your gums are suffering, please see your dentist as soon as possible.

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